Best Video Ever: “Feel Right” by Mark Ronson & Mystikal


Attention all other musicians in the world: save your money and stop making videos. Chances are, we have now seen the greatest music video of all-time.

As if Mark Ronson hasn’t dominated the music community enough of late thanks to “Uptown Funk,” comes a video for his track, “Feel Right” (Feat. Mystikal.)

In the clip, a small, chubby, uniformed-up elementary school student takes to the talent show stage to dedicate “Feel Right” to “all the player hatin’ teachers that won’t let a little gangsta shine.” (Hearing Florence Henderson of The Brady Bunch utter those words is worth a fist pump all by itself.)

From, there we are treated to the short and round subject channelling his inner Mystikal and James Brown as he bounces across the stage with a swagger and confidence well beyond his years.

Oh and watch out for the crying janitor.

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