The Friday 5: Five Important Questions with Jay Malinowski


For years, Jay Malinowski has been primarily recognized as the frontman for Toronto-based reggae band, Bedouin jay-malinowski-1-smallSoundclash. Nowadays, he’s charting a path as a solo artist, having recently released the ancestry- and on the sea-inspired album, Martel.

After speaking with Malinowski about how that album came to be, was able to ask him five really important questions. Here’s how that turned out:

What’s your favourite place to play guitar?

“In my bedroom at my parents’ house…where I grew up. I can immediately remember when I had to go buy a guitar at a junk shop when I was 13 and started playing. The room looks out onto this park where I’ve written so many songs. It brings me back to a pure place.”

What is your favourite pre-show meal?

“Nothing,” laughs.

What album gets you out of a bad mood?

“Any Sam Cooke record – his songs get me out of a bad mood. I think he’s the best singer that ever sang.”

Which band inspires you the most?

“The Clash. They were the band that got me into reggae. They were the band that made me think the world was a lot bigger than just punk rock. And the way Joe Strummer was…I think he never bended; he always had his integrity intact and he really cared about the right things.”

Who is your biggest fan?

“I’d say my mom,” laughs. “But she’s also my favourite critic. I never want to get those reviews back. She’s listened to everything I’ve ever done, so she knows all of the B-sides.”

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