Kurt Cobain Covers The Beatles’ “And I Love Her” on Forthcoming 7″



Getting new music from Kurt Cobain is so 2015. Continuing this trend is word that a 7″ featuring the late Nirvana frontman will emerge on November 20. Entertainment retailer, Bull Moose, revealed this upon its official website. Pre-orders are now being accepted.

The Cobain 7″ will include The Beatles’ track “And I Love Her” (from A Hard Day’s Night) and a version of Nirvana’s “Sappy.” As you may recall, Cobain’s take on “And I Love Her” was heard in the Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck documentary.

Meanwhile, an album of Cobain solo works will arrive on November 6, the same day that Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck gets released on Blu-ray and DVD.

“[It’s] curated to feel as though one were sitting in Kurt’s living room watching him create over the course of an afternoon,” said the film’s director, Brett Morgen, about the Cobain solo album. “These are all just Kurt by himself with the guitar. These aren’t multi-track, finished songs or work-ups, but they’re extraordinary, and I think they provide a tremendous insight into his [creative] process. I think they further our understanding of Kurt, both as a musician and as a man.”

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