TF5: 5 Songs We Better Hear at Riot Fest Toronto (Sunday)


Riot Fest Toronto will explode upon Downsview Park this week, with an exceptional bill that’ll be headlined by The Cure on Saturday, then City and Colour on Sunday. In this rare two-part edition of The Friday 5, we tell you which five songs we absolutely, positively, must hear on each given day.

Let’s conclude with Sunday, shall we?

The New Pornographers: “Brill Bruisers”
(Roots Stage @ 3:35pm)

The New Pornographers recently released album, Brill Bruisers, is damn good – as is the song by the same name. After seeing the band perform it – while sounding as good and energetic as they ever have – while on Letterman this week, we can’t help but want to crowd the stage and see Canada’s favourite super group give “Brill Bruisers” a similarly soaring effort.

The Head and the Heart: “Let’s Be Still”
(Riot Stage @ 4:15pm)

As a modern folk act (and a great one at that!) it could be argued that The Head and the Heart are coming at this festival out of left field. But, that’s okay. Every now and then it’s a nice break to not have your face shredded off, and instead have a bouncy, swayable offering like “Let’s Be Still” come your way.


Dropkick Murphys: “I’m Shipping Up to Boston”
(Roots Stage @ 5pm)

Really, do we need to offer an explanation? This song is a pure balls-to-the-wall level of awesomeness.


Social Distortion: “Ring of Fire”
(Riot Stage @ 5:50pm)

While we’re dying to hear “Story of My Life,” “Far Behind,” “Reach for the Sky,” and other Social D staples from Mike Ness and the fellas, what we really want to do is dance along to their amazing rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” I don’t think we’re alone on this one.


Death Cab for Cutie: “The Sound of Settling”
(Roots Stage @ 6:40pm)

Death Cab for Cutie’s Riot Fest Toronto performance will be a bittersweet affair, as it’ll be one of the final performance’s the band makes with co-founding member, guitarist and producer, Chris Walla. We expect the hit parade, which should include one of Death Cab’s older, yet most classic tunes, “The Sound of Settling.” It’ll be interesting to see and feel the emotion put forth by the crowd and band if this song makes its way through the speakers.

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