Watch Foo Fighters Play for Viral Video Fans in Cesena, Italy


In July, a video featuring 1,000 Foo Fighters fans performing “Learn to Fly” in Cesena, Italy surfaced online. All the folks in the clip wanted was for Dave Grohl and the fellas to come play for them. Well, after the video went very viral, Foo Fighters caught wind of it and subsequently committed to putting on a concert in Cesena.

Last night, that show happened. Foo Fighters kicked off the career-spanning gig with its rendition of “Learn to Fly,” before welcoming the video’s organizer, Fabio, to the stage. Eventually, one of the drummers from the video (dubbed “mohawk guy”) joined Foo Fighters for a cover of Queen’s “Under Pressure.”

Here’s some fan-shot footage of the occasion:

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