Watch an 82-Year-Old Man Belt Out a Metal Song on “America’s Got Talent”


We here at are not watchers of America’s Got Talent – we have our reasons, with one of them being a weak gag reflex. But this week, one man gave music fans like us a reason to sit up and take notice. The reason goes by the name of John Hetlinger, an 82-year-old retired Navy pilot.

Instead of surprising no one and singing an old ditty that would’ve garnered polite applause and likely a friendly send off, Hetlinger let it rip with a version of Drowning Pool’s early 2000s metal classic, “Bodies.” Needless to say, those in the room couldn’t believe their eyes, let alone their ears.

The video of that performance can be viewed here.

This is not Hetlinger’s first attempt at “Bodies,” as a video of him performing the song at what looks to be some kind of backyard karaoke party is floating around YouTube. Let’s just say the vocal howls and short white shorts don’t mesh, but who are we to judge?