Duh: Kurt Cobain is Not Alive & In Peru








There have always been conspiracy theories connected to the death of Kurt Cobain. You’ve heard them, you know them, you even believed in some of them, so let’s not rehash those for the sake of this article’s word count. Why do that, when people are out there floating the theory that Cobain is alive and well, in Peru, performing guitar right-handed? Ugh.

Okay, so The Daily Mail should’ve left these conspiracy theories in the tinfoil covered basements of their creators and not covered this “story,” but they did. So, here we are now, entertain us.

The man who many believe is the now Peru-residing Kurt Cobain is actually a man by the name of Ramiro Saavedra. He did such a great job at impersonating the grunge icon that he happened to win a TV show contest in, you guessed it, Peru. Like any impersonator worth his weight in impersonating, Saavedra did a fine job at copping Cobain’s style. Unfortunately, conspiracy theorists had to come around and make things weird.

How out of hand did this online rumbling get? It got so bad that the official Nirvana Facebook account opted to sarcastically toss a blanket atop the latest bag of online weirdness.

Reads the Nirvana page: “It’s true, Kurt is alive. He needed time to learn to play guitar with his right hand. Finding left-handed guitars is not easy. We are so happy to have him back and forgive him for all the sadness that we have held so deeply in our heads.”

In case you want to see what all of the madness here was all about, here’s a video of Saavedra doing what he does.