Watch Billy Talent’s Sweaty & Cramped Video for “Louder Than the DJ”


In case you haven’t heard it yet, you should be made aware that Billy Talent’s new album, Afraid of Heights is an absolute beast. Go listen to it, okay?

Although “Louder Than the DJ” has already been floating around out there for a while, Billy Talent has at last released a proper video for the song. This black and white clip was shot in the cozy confines of Toronto’s Bovine Sex Club on what looked to be an exceptionally hot day. Fortunately, fans didn’t seem deterred by likely getting sweaty in some pretty unmentionable areas. You can watch the video below.

“The more records you put out, the grander the ideas get and the more things there are for you to try out and do,” said Billy Talent’s Ian D’Sa in a recent interview with “The album is a compilation of all the stuff we have gone through as a band in the last four years. Also, it’s a collection of personal stories and things that we or people close to us have gone through.”