Watch Green Day Take “Bang Bang” to a House Party and a Bank


Today, Green Day unleashed the official video for “Bang Bang,” the stunning, vintage GD lead single from the band’s forthcoming album Revolution Radio (due out October 7). In it, the band gives house party goers the best night ever, thanks to a cozy living room performance and the appearance of Rancid’s Tim Armstrong (who happened to direct this clip), serving as the party’s big-bearded doorman. There’s also bank robbing bandits wearing rubberized Green Day member masks and imagery (of course!) associated with many of society’s current pitfalls and embarrassing behaviour. The video is fun, energetic and filled with enough substance for those who want more than a little video flash. That said, “Bang Bang” is so wicked, the video could’ve still been a winner had Green Day just sat in folding chairs, staring at the camera (with no mascara), as the song played in the background.