UnCut Audio: The Dandy Warhols Talk About Life in Portland


Earlier this year, The Dandy Warhols unleashed their magnificent new album, Distorland, an offering that’s sound was directly influenced by the shifting nature of the band’s hometown of Portland, Oregon.

“I noticed there is a lot of distortion on the tracks, and in weird places,” commented Dandy Warhols frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor. “Distortion on the vocals, drums, keyboards, not just distorted guitars. Even the acoustic I found myself putting distortion on. Meanwhile, we’re living in Portland, Oregon, which has gone from .5 million to 2.5 million, and that’s the weirdest thing.  I just looked out my window and thought ‘Distortland’…. yep. The dirty little town that time forgot, one day became the cultural epicenter of earth.”

Recently, Riffyou.com spoke with fellow Dandy Warhols member, Peter Holmstrom, who provided further insight regarding the impact Portland has on his band. You can listen to Holmstrom’s perspective below in this edition of UnCut Audio: