Getting to Know: TimeGiant


In this edition of Getting to Know, we catch up with Windsor-based hard rock act TimeGiant. If you are in an up and coming band that would like to partake in a Getting to Know feature, contact to receive the questionnaire and instructions. Thanks!

time-giant-1-main-smallBand Name: TimeGiant
Band Members: Tyrone Buccione (lead vocals, lead guitar, saxophone), Ryan Watson (rhythm guitar), Pat Wilken (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Charlie McKittrick (drums, backing vocals)
Years Active: 7
City of Origin: Windsor, Ontario

Who are you and what do you do?
“My name is Ryan Watson, I play guitar (Gibson Les Paul).”

In 100 words or less, tell us how your band has gotten to this point.
“TimeGiant began in Windsor, Ontario under the name Time. The band toured around Ontario early on and eventually released our first single, “White Window,” which earned the band regular radio rotation in south-western Ontario. After adopting the new name TimeGiant, we moved to Toronto and began touring heavily while releasing two more albums.”

What is your latest release and how would you best describe it to someone who hasn’t heard your band?
“Our latest release titled, A Night to Remember, is seven tracks and was launched publicly on September 13th, 2013. We spent a lot of time working with talented producers and song writers to perfect the songs. Working alongside producers Greig Nori (Treble Charger, Sum 41, Marianna’s Trench) and Jon Drew (Alexisonfire, Tokyo Police Club, Arkells) allowed us to really advance our sound, and come up with a rock n’ roll album that has a great feel.”

When making an album, which aspect of the process do you put the most time into and why?
“On the last album we really focused on song writing. We took our time and worked diligently to dissect each track. This was the first time we really sat down with accomplished producers to create the vibe we were looking for. Each track was broken down and reworked until we arrived at an album we could all be proud of.”

time-giant-2What is the best part about your band and why?
“Our band is incredibly tight. We have lived together for years and that has helped to mould us into a family. We live together, travel and tour together, eat, sleep and breath together. I think our attitude is the best part about us. Throughout the good times and the bad times, we’re a unit, and that shows through in our live shows.”

What makes your band unique from the rest?
“We play loud rock n’ roll in a time where it isn’t so common to see four guys with long hair, leather coats, and big beards. We stand out from any crowd and we take pride in entertaining the fans. We are fun-loving guys, and it is very important to us to make sure the audience goes home happy.”

How does your band survive the challenges of touring/gigging?
“We support each other and we live for the road. Our live show is quite possibly our strongest asset so touring and gigging is something we live for. The thrill of the road has always enticed us and forced us to perform at our best.”

Would you rather be critically-acclaimed; rich and famous; or an under-the-radar band with a dedicated fan base?
“We love having a dedicated fan base that supports us, but ultimately we have aspirations of playing on a much larger scale. We love playing clubs and theatres, but our goal is to eventually perform in arenas and stadiums.”

time-giant-3If you’d have to compare your band to another one out there, living or dead, who would it be and why?
“We often get compared to Led Zeppelin because of our look and guitar riff-driven style, and also Queen for our over-the-top vocal harmonies. Both of those bands are incredibly influential bands for all of us, so those compliments sit quite well.”

Which band/musician would you like to share many drinks with? What would you talk about?
“For me, it would be Ace Frehley of Kiss. Pat and I started out in a Kiss tribute band back in high school, so they have always had a major part in our musical progression. I would love to hear classic road stories from Ace and [learn] about the often difficult times of touring with Kiss in the ‘70s.”