Moby on Trump’s Popularity: “America, what the fuck is wrong with you?”



As America edges closer to a Presidential race more that’ll more than likely include Hillary Clinton and (somehow) Donald Trump, many have been outspoken about the race. One of the more opinionated musicians on the matter has been electronic music kingpin, Moby. (Just take a simple scroll of his Facebook newsfeed and you’ll see what we mean.)

Anyways, Moby recently published a new post regarding the possibility of Trump becoming the next leader of the free world and how insanely bad it is that so many people currently support this possibility.

Among the highlights of said Moby post was his designation of Trump as an “orange bag of racism” and encouraging America to get its head out of its ass.

Take it away Moby:

“48% of Americans say that they are ready to vote for this orange bag of racism for president. America: what the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously, #trump is a dimwit who has ruined businesses and maligned women, veterans, Latinos, Muslims, journalists, and anyone else who’s not old, ignorant, and white. America you need to get your head out of your ass and see this ignorant buffoon for what he really is. I just don’t see how anyone with an iq over 45 could even for a second take this hateful racist misogynist ruiner of businesses seriously, let alone consider voting for him.”

So yeah, Moby is not part of that 49%.