Nikki Sixx Calls His Flamethrower Bass “Painfully Violent”


As Mötley Crüe take its final spin around the world this year before hanging it up, Nikki Sixx has shed some light on perhaps the most ambitious bass guitar any person has ever wielded onstage.

During a conversation with Abu Dhabi’s The National, Sixx confirmed that his flamethrower bass is “like holding on to a dragon” and that it is “painfully violent.”

Offered Sixx: “It’s like holding on to a dragon, to be honest with you — a fire-breathing dragon. It’s painfully violent, is the only way I can describe it. When Vince [Neil] sings the last ‘Shout at the devil,’ and I do the last shot, I walk over and I want that thing out of my hands. ‘Cause it weighs almost a hundred pounds, and it’s so hot that… When we start the song, I’ll be soaking wet, and at the end of the song, my hair is dry. It’s amazing.”

In April, spoke with Sixx about the eventual end of Mötley Crüe, as well as his future with Sixx: A.M. You can listen to the complete audio from that interview right here:

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