One Dude Wants to Give Your MP3s the Vinyl Sound


With Record Store Day (April 18) quickly approaching, a man by the name of Jesse England wants Universal-Recordto harm the souls of those who love vinyl. How so? By creating the Universal Record, a gadget that “allows any audio to be played through a contemporary turntable.”

As England explains, the Universal Record “contains a Bluetooth audio receiver that’s connected to an acoustic transducer that vibrates the vinyl disc which the needle sits upon.” He compares the function of the Universal Record to that of aux-cable cassette adapters.

In plain English, you can connect your iPhone to the Universal Record via Bluetooth, place it on a turntable and supposedly make your digital music files sound like they’re being played back on a piece of vinyl.

“With this project, I ask: In the record listening experience, how important is the still environment and kinetic spectacle?” offers England. “With modern tangible media supplanted by cross-platform, network-based storage and playback, is contemporary record and turntable ownership a novelty, or an effort towards meditative stability?”

Thus far it’s unclear whether or not England is hoping to turn the Universal Record into a product available for consumers. You can watch the invention in action here:

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