Q&A: Motion City Soundtrack Reflect on “Commit This to Memory”


As important as it is for any band to continue moving forward, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally look back Motion_City_Soundtrack_High_Res_Promos_By_Joe_Lemke_002and pay homage to an album that meant something to both those who play it, as well as those who listen to it.

Currently, Minnesota alt-rockers Motion City Soundtrack – Josh Cain, Jesse Johnson, Justin Pierre, Matt Taylor, and Claudio Riveraare – are on the road celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their sophomore album, Commit This to Memory, an album that helped the band solidify a fan base.

Riffyou.com recently caught up with Cain to discuss Commit This to Memory, 10-years on.

RY: What made the band decide that a 10-year anniversary tour for Commit This to Memory was a good idea?

Josh: “Commit This to Memory is an important record for us song wise and from the response we got from other humans. We thought it would be a really cool way to kick off the year and get ready to release some more rock onto you.”

RY: How many moments did you have in rehearsal where you found yourself (or someone else in the band) forgetting parts of songs?

Josh: “Forgetting parts is a normality for Motion City. Overall, we just played the set a couple times and here we are.”

RY: How interesting was it for you to revisit these songs as the band you are now, versus who you were when the album was made?

Josh: “I never feel like I am separated from my music with time. These songs are Motion City Soundtrack: they are what we know. Maybe in the lyrical sense (Justin’s world) it was a very different time. I think he was way angrier.”

RY: What do you think of when you look back at how this album initially came to be? What memories stand out?

Josh: “Just being part of a music scene that was rising and coming to the mainstream. It was really fun to see us and our friends gain so many fans and get so many opportunities to live our/their dreams.”

RY: As bands grow, some don’t feel a connection to chunks of their past. What continually connects you guys to Commit This to Memory?

Josh: “I think it’s people’s reactions to the songs live that has helped us, and the songs, stay fresh and fun.”

RY: For you, where does this album rank in the band’s catalogue?

Josh: “I love all my beautiful babies.”

RY: I’d imagine you’re having some interesting conversations with fans on this tour, regarding the album. What’s the best one you’ve had?

Josh: “Well, I think it’s the people that meet us and tell us how much this record has been a part of their lives. I never expected to get to this point and to have been a part of so many people growing up.”

RY: What’s next for Motion City Soundtrack?

Josh: #MCSLP6 coming spring summer 2015!! Come hang let’s party.”

-Adam Grant

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