Quick Track Review: Lana Del Rey – “Honeymoon”


Even though Lana Del Rey just gave us Ultraviolence in 2014, it appears that the suspenseful songstress is gearing up for a new album. Today, the first step towards that was fully unveiled in the form of “Honeymoon.”

Clocking in at nearly six minutes, “Honeymoon” has what many Del Rey fans crave: a haunting, yet very California-feeling musical backdrop, set behind yearning vocals and a love story that begs for deeper analysis. (To keep the mystery at a minimum, however, the lyric sheet for “Honeymoon” is dropped atop the track’s initial YouTube clip.)

The song’s only flaw, however, is that it may be too sleepy for some. The pace doesn’t rise much above a slow wave until it’s almost over. Any climax “Honeymoon” hopes to have is pretty understated and open to interpretation.

Considering that we don‘t entirely know what Del Rey’s next album will be, it’s hard to fully deem “Honeymoon” to be a success or failure. If this is the only tempo explored, fans may demand more from future efforts. If this, however, is just a quieter chapter in the next album’s grandiose story, it’ll be easier to get behind.

-Adam Grant

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