Review: SNAFU – “Present Day Plague”


As I sit here in a humid upstairs office, Detroit’s SNAFU is screaming at me. That’s cool, I am not present-day-plague-snafuafraid. My ears are trembling, but my body is not. If anything, it’s ready to get into a dirty rock club and watch the madness I’m hearing fully realized in a room of ragers.

Successfully on Present Day Plague (available on August 8), SNAFU blasts listeners with an extensive and unrelenting wave of hardcore and punk fury, combined with shredding diatribes that would be welcomed within a room of metal heads. How about the lyrics? When you can make them out, most sound rather bleak and serve as a critique for many factions of society.

Outside of the sounds, Present Day Plague is loaded with some of the more amusing song titles you’ll see this year: “Eternal Nocturnal,” “The Human Infestation,” “Millions of Useless Eaters,” and “Prison Warders.” These paint a pretty picture, don’t they?

In all, SNAFU isn’t that peaceful, sit on your deck with a brew type of band. Rather, they’re a stand on your deck and throw lawn chairs at the neighbours type of band. The world needs those, too, because getting rid of patio furniture isn’t as easy as it used to be.

-Adam Grant

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