Review: Vile Display of Humanity – “S/T”


Vile Display of Humanity is pissed off and not afraid to show it on this 20-song speed train of an album. Nothing is held back and the vanity of being in an awesome hardcore punk band doesn’t get in the way of  the rage.

In many ways, this offering from Seattle’s Vile Display of Humanity is targeted toward society’s disenfranchised and those who have more questions than there are answers for. And, that’s a great thing. When vocalist Doug Mitchell unleashes his stinging growls, screams, yelps and everything in between, it’s tough not to pump a fist of support. Some how, some way, you feel like you’re standing shoulder to shoulder with him through the struggle.

Equally, the musicality on Vile Display of Humanity is exactly what you want (and need) from a hardcore punk album: violent sounding guitars and a tumbling rhythm designed to keep the circle pit spinning and the bodies flying. There’s barely any let up; barely any time to come up for air.

In an era where punk rock acts aren’t afraid to water themselves down for public consumption, Vile Display of Humanity feel as genuine about its mission as a listener could hope for.

If you work a shit job and need some aggressive comfort on the morning and evening commutes, give this pummelling album a listen.

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