The Gaslight Anthem Lament Modern Popular Music


The Gaslight Anthem has gained a reputation over the years as band unafraid about wearing its heart on the-gaslight-anthem-2014-promothe sleeve. Thus, it shouldn’t be a surprise that last night on Twitter the band’s vocalist and principle lyricist, Brian Fallon, openly questioned what the Top 200 songs (we suspect he’s talking about those in the US) offer in terms of musicianship.

“I just listened to the top 200 songs right now,” he wrote. “There were about five with instruments on them.”

As contrasting reaction from fans began to roll in, Fallon further clarified his point by adding, “Not saying anything one way or the other about modern music. Just pointing out that there a significant lack of people playing in a room.”

He continued: “Also, for people who complain about modern music – myself included in this… If you don’t like it, write better songs yourself.”

During his dialogue with fans, Fallon went on to explain that despite his issue with the lack of a full-band-in-the-room dynamic out there, he still enjoyed half of the top 200 songs. He then left fans with a video for Phosphorescent’s “Song for Zula.”

In 2014, The Gaslight Anthem released Get Hurt, an album that shied away from the thorough rock edge they exemplified on 2012’s Handwritten, opting for a slower, more emotive feel.

“When we started writing this new record, we thought it should be different,” explained Fallon in an interview last year with “With Handwritten, that was it for the rock records…we were like, ‘big rock record, big rock producer (Brendan O’Brien), big rock everything.’ We wanted to write a big rock record and there was nobody better than Brendan to do it. We did that, and then [it became] ‘now what?’ [Get Hurt] came from wanting to change and continue to remain relevant.”

-Adam Grant

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