Universal Music Staffer Defends Role of Record Store Day


Earlier this month, Record Store Day representative Kim Bayley defended the organization and its vinyl-resurrectioefforts after a pair of UK independent labels made very public criticisms about the effect RSD has on factions of the music business.

Now, Marc Fayd’Herbe, an independent sales manager for the UK division of Universal Music, has stated through a company blog that Record Store Day is very much a positive for the stores that support it.

He said: “I have worked with [independent record stores] for 25 years and RSD has been the single best thing that has ever happened to the indies. We should never forget that.”

When the subject of major labels trying to capitalize on the surging popularity of Record Store Day comes up, Fayd’Herbe defended his company’s position.

“[Universal] have supported RSD from the beginning,” he confirmed. “A few years ago stores were begging us to bring out stuff. Now we have brought out a nice raft of releases, some people are saying ‘oh they want to take over’.”

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