Watch Billy Talent’s Epic Lyric Video for “Afraid of Heights”


Veteran Canadian rockers, Billy Talent, will release their much anticipated fifth studio album, Afraid of Heights, on July 29. To keep the excitement of that day moving in the right direction, the band has put out an epic lyric video for the title track.

“We’ve been playing together since high school and now we’re forty-something men, and we still feel like we have a lot more to say,” said Billy Talent frontman Ben Kowalewicz in a recent interview with Team Rock. “After taking time to pause with the Hits record, we’ve been able to see how fortunate and blessed we are, so now it’s ‘Let’s keep going, let’s see how far we can take this.’ I hate to sound cheesy, but it’s about love, and about taking the opportunities that come your way, and putting your best foot forward and not backing down when trouble comes. That’s all been put into this pot and er, now we’re ready to eat!”

Here’s the video!