Watch Dave Grohl Discuss How He Handled Nirvana’s Success



Despite the massive, global popularity of Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl will forever have to answer questions about Nirvana and its fallen leader, Kurt Cobain – that’s just the way it is.

In a recent interview with Off Camera, Grohl reflects poignantly about his Nirvana experience and what Cobain was like behind the curtain, describing him as more hilarious than many fans realized.

However, arguably the most fascinating part of this conversation with Grohl is when he speaks about how he handled life when Nirvana got too big. He mentions going home to Virginia and finding solace in his own bed and comfort in friends and family. Essentially, he understood from a very early age how to survive the madness that can be the music business.

“Unfortunately, Nirvana became too big too quick,” offered Grohl. “Bands are like families that go through uncomfortable growing pains, and if it happens all at once, it’s just too much to handle.”