Watch Foo Fighters Perform Song Inspired by Chilean Crowd


The Foo Fighters quest for world domination continued during a gig at Pista Atlética Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile last week, as the band and its enthusiastic crowd quickly wrote and performed a song together.

You see, Foo Fighters had begun playing “Big Me,” but stopped after the audience started belting out the song before Dave Grohl had a chance to lend any vocals to it.

“So here’s the thing, you guys sing every song before I even sing it,” said an amused Grohl from the stage. “Nobody else in the world does that, I think that’s some Chilean shit, I don’t know what that is.”

In response, the crowd began chanting ‘Ole ole ole! Chile! Chile!,’ which subsequently motivated Foo Fighters to give the chants a rock n’ roll instrumental and Grohl-led vocal. It was then declared that a new Foos song had been written.

Okay, it’ll more than likely never appear on an album, but this must’ve been damn fun to be part of:

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