Watch “Highway to the Sky” by Beautiful Nothing


Toronto indie rock collective, Beautiful Nothing, have released a video for “Highway to the Sky,” a song about “realizing life is not always going to be perfect and making that mental shift from ‘this sucks’ to ‘it’s all part of the journey and I’m drinking in the moments.’”

This track appears on the band’s Self-Titled 2014 release, which can be heard in its entirety upon the official Beautiful Nothing website.

Of the video, frontman Anthony Ludgate says: “We really wanted to make a fun video with no real rules, so we just spontaneously filmed a bunch of stuff with costumes, props and paint and aimed for a good time. One of the scenes where we’re all just dancing around was filmed right after I announced to everyone that my wife and I got married in Vegas without anyone knowing. So, naturally it was cause for celebration and it was all captured in this video.”

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