Bloc Party’s “Silent Alarm” Getting a Vinyl Reissue


When Bloc Party emerged out of the UK in 2005 with its Silent Alarm album, the band’s homeland went batshit crazy. Like what happens to many young Brit bands, music pundits in the region then pointed at Bloc Party as the next big thing. Well, that really didn’t happen and inconsistent albums and internal conflict messed up the quartet.

Now, Bloc Party has returned and will release its fifth album, Hymns, on January 29. Ahead of that, however, comes word that Silent Alarm will be reissued on vinyl on December 3. Wichita Recordings, the company releasing the album, is currently accepting pre-orders.

Included in this reissue is the 12-song album in its entirety, plus a bonus 7″ featuring non-album single “Little Thoughts” and B-Side “Storm and Stress.”

Here’s a refresher on Silent Alarm:

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