Blue Rodeo Protest Against Canadian Prime Minister in Song – Listen!


Canada’s federal election will be held on October 19 and Canadians will once again have the opportunity to decide who they want running their country.

Veteran Canadian rockers, Blue Rodeo, have made one thing certain: its members will not be voting for current Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Stephen Harper.

On Monday, Blue Rodeo released “Stealin’ All My Dreams,” a doozy of a protest song directed squarely at Harper. As a result, the band has become a trending topic across Canada and the song’s video is nearing 200,000 views on YouTube (at the time of this writing.)

“Blue Rodeo does not always speak with one voice. However, we feel collectively that the current administration in Canada has taken us down the wrong path,” said Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy in a prepared statement. “We do not seem to be the compassionate and environmentally conscious nation we once were.  As respectful as we are of the variety of opinions held by our audience, ‎we felt it was time to speak up and add our voice to the conversation.”

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