Brandon Flowers Not Sure if Positive Reviews are Good or Bad


Brandon Flowers of The Killers has seen his fair share of bad reviews. Many panned the band’s sophomore album, Sam‘s Town, because the material was vastly different from the synth-laden predecessor, Hot Fuss, while Flowers has admitted that 2013’s Battle Born wasn’t one of The Killers’ finest moments.

When discussing his latest solo album – The Desired Effect – with NME, Flowers says that the reaction has been “really positive,” but admits that he’s not sure what that type of praise means.

“I’ve been used to more of a polarising situation and that usually goes in my favour,” offered Flowers. “I think if somebody really hates it or people really love it then it usually works out. But this time it’s been a lot more positive and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

He continued: I hate the word ‘project’ – because I take it seriously – but it’s not a vanity thing. I do get enough attention being the singer of The Killers.”

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