Brandon Flowers Revisits Anti-Kanye Remarks of 2006


Before being anti-Kanye West was cool and acceptable due to his ego-maniacal behaviour, Brandon Brandon-Flowers-2015Flowers of The Killers had a feeling about him – a feeling that may have only been remedied thanks to a large serving of Pepto.

During an interview with Rolling Stone to promote his forthcoming solo album, The Desired Effect, Flowers was reminded of a 2006 instance in which he said West “makes me ill.”

“Yeah, that one’s tough,” offered Flowers when the comment was brought up. “Everyone’s afraid to say anything contrary to him being a genius. It’s crazy, man! And it’s frustrating. I’m not going to tear him down, but I will say I find that to be frustrating. {Laughs} That’s my stance on it. A lot of people might agree with me now. I may have been a little bit ahead of my time. But I think he wants to be good. I think he wants to be great, and that’s something that we all want to strive for. We’ve just got different roads of getting there, I guess.”

West has taught us that his road includes an uncanny ability to craft critically acclaimed albums, marry a Kardashian and interrupt award shows without getting smacked in the mouth.

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