Burly Calling VIII Q&A: Rules


Leading up to Burlington, Ontario’s Burly Calling VIII independent music festival, Riffyou.com will be catching up with some of this year’s participants to discuss why you should be in their crowd, thoughts on the festival, as well as the ideal place to go when drunk or hungover after a show.

Today, here’s our Q&A with Ben Rispin of punk quartet, Rules. Catch his band play Saturday, December 6 at the Boston Manor (8:30pm). Click here to view the full festival schedule.

Rules-1RY: Apart from your Burly Calling showcase, what else is your band up to?

Ben: “Well, this is our second show ever, so we’re going to write and record in our immediate future.”

RY: For those attending Burly Calling, tell them why they should come and see your band. State your case!

Ben: “Whenever my four-year-old nephew asks me to eat something that’s bad for me he says, ‘Come on! You never know.’ So I eat it, usually end up fine and make the kid happy, which is a really good time. Draw your own parallels.”

RY: If this is your first Burly Calling show, what do you hope happens? (If it’s not, what do you remember about your first Burly Calling gig?)

Ben: “I hope the guys who run this thing don’t lose their homes and have very supportive wives.”

RY: Who do you want to see at Burly Calling this year, and why?

Ben: “Fucked Up. And The Fullblast will be awesome. I like the idea of Grade and Teenage Head playing together. It’s like the birther of Hamilton punk high-fiving the birther of Burlington punk. And really, it’s all one big music community that can exist outside of Toronto.”

RY: How much sleep do you anticipate having during Burly Calling weekend?

Ben: “Very little.”

RY: What is the best venue you’ve played (Burlington or otherwise) and why?

Ben: “Well, with Rules we’ve only ever played This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton, so that has definitely been our best and worst show to date.”

RY: If drunk and/or hungover after a gig, where is your go-to spot?

Ben: “I usually take a helicopter to Kid Rock’s place. Life is tight.”

RY: Of course, there are many independent music festivals out there. What do you think separates Burly Calling from the rest?

Ben: “I like to think of it as that family Christmas party at your second Uncle’s house that you’re always happy you made it out to.”

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