CMW Artist Profile: Fuzzy Rockers, Slow Down Molasses


Throughout Canadian Music Week, will be introducing you to some of this year’s amazing lineup. Today, here’s a look at fuzzy prairie rockers, Slow Down Molasses. Catch them on Wednesday, May 6 at Drake Underground (8:30pm) and Parts & Labour (12:40am).

Slow-Down-MolassesBand Name: Slow Down Molasses
Band Members: Tyson McShane (guitar, vocals), Chris Morin (bass, guitar), Jeanette Stewart (keyboards, vocals, bass), Levi Soulodre (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals), and Aaron Scholz (drums).
Years Active: 8
City of Origin: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
Latest Release: Burnt Black Cars out May 12

Who are you and what do you do?
“Tyson McShane, leader of Slow Down Molasses. I sing and play guitar and generally guide the band’s vision. I also work as an Urban Designer when not playing music.”

In 20 words or less, how would you describe your band?
“Expansive, texture-heavy pop songs that tend to break into storm squalls of drone, delay, and feedback.”

Why should people care about your band?
“Why does anyone care about bands? ‘Cause the music inspires them or comforts them or confounds them. Hopefully ours music does one or all those things for you.”

If someone comes to your show at CMW, what could they expect to see?
“Thirty-five minutes of feedback drenched pop songs, played as energetically as possible. Inevitably one of the guitar players will dive into the crowd and the other will be balanced perilously on their amp, hoping he doesn’t stumble and crash down into the drum kit. It should be good fun.”

How vital is CMW to a band in your position?
“It’s conveniently timed, as our album comes out a few days after it, so it’s great excuse to get out to Ontario and Quebec and play some shows. We’d be touring anyway, so it’s nice that there is more of a chance of industry types being out, in addition to regular crowds.”

What do you hope to achieve at CMW?
“Play to some great crowds and give everyone a preview of our new album, Burnt Black Cars.”

Lots of CMW shows will be attended by music industry professionals – how does knowing that impact the way you approach these performances?
“Not much, either way, we’ll put on a chaotic, energetic set, same as we would playing to five people in Duncan, B.C. or a big festival stage in Europe. We’ve had some great experiences playing to hugely diverse crowds that have led to big opportunities, so whether or not there is industry people around, doesn’t really change how we play. That show to five people in Duncan, in a roundabout way, led to our first UK tour, so you never know what to expect whether it’s an industry show or a quiet Wednesday night in a small city.”

How much sleep do you anticipate having during CMW?
“Lots more than I do while at home! I have a one-and-half-year-old daughter, so between late night band practices and her waking up at 5:45am, I don’t get much sleep. The luxury of sleeping in past 6:00am while on tour is amazing.”

During your stay, where will you and your band be sleeping, showering, or taking groupies?
“Not actually sure…we’ll likely be crashing with friends.”

At CMW we will mostly consume…
“Mostly veggie dogs from the hot dog cart around the corner from the Horseshoe Tavern. I don’t know if it’s just a habit or what, but every time we are in Toronto we hit that cart up and it’s always great.”

CMW for us will be a failure if…
“I think it’ll be hard to be a failure. We’ll be playing a few shows, one with our new label Culvert Music, and a couple with some friends bands, each in great venues and with some wonderful people already excited about them. The only failure would be if we didn’t make it to Toronto.”

CMW for us will be a success if…
“We play some great shows to great crowds.”

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