Scott Weiland Blames Equipment Issue for Texas Debacle


Last week, some disturbing footage of a Scott Weiland performing in Texas emerged leading many (including to wonder if the former Stone Temple Pilots singer is perhaps struggling once again with his sobriety.

Shortly thereafter, Weiland’s representatives blamed technical issues, fatigue and a few drinks for the off-kilter performance. Now, Weiland has spoken out about it himself during an interview with WXMX-FM 98.1 The Max.

“Well, basically, I guess the only thing I want people to know is that show in Corpus Christi that got put up on TMZ, I didn’t have in-ears that were working, so my in-ear monitors were completely out, so I had no way of hearing himself. So that was the reason why it wasn’t a good show for me; my equipment wasn’t working.”

Weiland continued: “The crew is very important, and there’s a lot of pieces of equipment that can have problems from time to time, and it was my turn to experience that at that show.”

You can listen to that full interview below, followed by the performance “Vasoline” that started the latest run of suspicion.

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