Um Yeah, Here’s Courtney Love Hanging Out with Hillary Clinton



Despite the groundswell of support Bernie Sanders has been receiving in his bid to become the Democratic Party’s nominee for the 2016 US Presidental race, many still believe that Hillary Clinton will eventually secure that nomination and take on whichever insane blowhard the Republican Party chooses. What an amazing circus it’ll be!

While many trust the Clinton name and would like to see Hillary get into The White House, she’s also had some missteps along the way. Perhaps, the latest one could be her posing for a photo earlier this week with one of rock n’ roll’s most controversial (and dare we say hated?) figures, Courtney Love.

The photo below was shared on Love’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts earlier this week, but didn’t have a caption explaining how this bizarre meeting came to be. believes this encounter occurred in New York as Clinton attempts to build some additional support going into this week’s primary in the Empire State.

What do they have in common, you ask? Well, both have been accused in the past of being pretty tone deaf and extremely capable of stretching the truth.

For what it’s worth, we’re pretty sure this will lose Clinton at least the Nirvana/grunge fan contingent of New York – and/or people scared off by strange celebrity endorsements.

Boy, how many Photoshop wizards are wishing they came up with this first? Yowza!