Watch Footage of Dave Grohl Falling from Stage


As you may have heard by now, Dave Grohl took a nasty spill from a concert stage in Sweden on Friday, resulting in a fractured leg. After initially leaving stage and Foo Fighters planning to call it a night after the rest of the band belted out some covers, Grohl surprisingly returned to finish the show.

Now, fan-shot footage of the fall has emerged. In it, Grohl can be seen laying into “Monkey Wrench,” as he approaches the front of the stage to engage with the audience. Then, Grohl appears to slip and subsequently takes a rather long fall to the ground. You can hear the crowd grasp.

Although Foo Fighters have cancelled appearances in the Netherlands today and Switzerland on June 16, the group is so far still confirmed for a pair of shows at Wembley Stadium (June 19 and 20), not to mention Glastonbury on June 26. Grohl and company also have their 20th anniversary concert slated for July 4 in Washington, D.C. You can view the Foo Fighters tour schedule here.

Here’s the footage from Sweden:

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