Dave Grohl Doesn’t Want to Write New Music While Injured


It’s been a bit more than a month and a half since Dave Grohl fell off the stage during a Foo Grohl-motorcyleFighters gig in Sweden and busted up his leg. Although big gigs at Wembley and Glastonbury had to be cancelled, Grohl and his band have soldiered on with a North American tour.

While Grohl can be seen giving ‘er upon his rock n’ roll throne in concert, the one thing he is not doing while injured is making new music.

During an interview with The Pulse of Radio, Grohl said that he isn’t in the right headspace to get going on an album.

Explained Grohl: “Gus, our tour manager, said, ‘Did you want me to put your guitar in the room with you?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, sure.’ And I sat there staring at it like, that’s the last thing I want to do right now. If I were to write a record right now, it would be a frustrated, depressing mess. No way! I want to write songs that make people boogie — I couldn’t even walk! So no, I have not hit some creative stride.”

Grohl also recently noted that after Foo Fighters finish up its current run of tour dates, “a little bit of a break” will be had.

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