Someone Humoursly Put Tom DeLonge in Blink-182’s New “Bored to Death” Video – Watch!


On July 1, Blink-182 will release California, the band’s first album to feature Matt Skiba on guitar/vocals and not Tom DeLonge – the latter is busy tracking down extra-terrestrials, we think.

Anyways, Blink-182 recently issued a performance-heavy clip for their new single, “Bored to Death,” and we’ve come to learn that there are still people out there who want DeLonge in the band’s current existence. Fortunately, technology has once again allowed that to happen.

Now making its way across the web is a version of “Bored to Death” that features clips of DeLonge’s “New World” solo video interjected. You know, it’s that video where DeLonge sadly drags his guitar around a dark city, before smashing it apart in a fit of post-Blink rage and liberation.

Somehow, it all works with the original “Bored to Death” video and it makes you strangely feel as if DeLonge is still with Blink-182.

Enjoy the hilarity and the awesome track right here: