Dave Grohl Got High at Paul McCartney Party, Only to Get Rescued by Taylor Swift


Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney have not just performed and recorded together – they’ve also partied. Last night during a private concert for the Cannes Lions festival, Grohl reflected on one particular party where he was high as a kite and enthralled by McCartney’s musical chops.

However, the tables turned quickly on Grohl when people at the party asked him to perform a song on the piano in the room. Not knowing how to play piano, a pot-friendly Grohl briefly considered picking up one of McCartney’s left-handed guitars and play song with his opposite hand. As he panicked to figure out his next move, Taylor Swift popped up and – like “Batman” – volunteered to perform instead.

A high Grohl was relieved, to say the least.

You will never guess which song Swift played, or understand how long it took Grohl to realize what it was. Here’s the whole story from Grohl: