Five Finger Death Punch Opening for Black Sabbath in Australia



In 2016, Black Sabbath will embark on its final tour. While we don’t know who’ll be opening for the metal originators across North America, it’s been learned that Five Finger Death Punch will have that role during Black Sabbath’s run of Australian dates.

“It has actually made us calmer and grateful,” responded Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Jason Hook, when asked him how his band handles mass popularity. “Stories of all of our favourite bands that we grew up on [are about how] success created demons, competition, resentment and weird things. With us, it’s been the opposite. The stress is a little less. When you’re trying to introduce your group to the world and nobody knows you, yet you’re working really hard, there’s no room for failure there – it’s imperative then that things go the right way. Now that we have reached a certain level of popularity, things are less stressful. Not that we would ever compromise making records, but at least we have a certain confidence now that’s making everything more enjoyable. We focus on the things we can control. You can’t control the public. You can’t decide whether they’re going to like something or not. All you can control is making something you like that speaks to your heart and punches your nerve. That is the one thing we’ve relied on since day one.”

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Tour Dates (w/ Black Sabbath)

Apr. 15 – Perth, AUS – Perth Arena
Apr. 17 – Adelaide, AUS – Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Apr. 19 – Melbourne, AUS – Rod Laver Arena
Apr. 23 – Sydney, AUS – Allphones Arena
Apr. 25 – Brisbane, AUS – Brisbane Entertainment Centre

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