Getting to Know: Pittsburgh Hardcore act, The Author, The Perfecter


In the Friday edition of Getting to Know, we meet up and coming Pittsburgh, PA, hardcore act The Author, The Perfecter. If you are in an up and coming band that would like to partake in a Getting to Know feature, contact to receive the questionnaire and instructions. Thanks!

the-author-the-perfecter-smallBand Name: The Author, The Perfecter
Band Members: Josh Matotek (vocals), Jonah Sproat (guitar), Noah Welter (bass), and we are currently looking for a drummer.
Years Active: 1
City of Origin: Pittsburgh, PA

Who are you and what do you do? 
“We’re just three friends who have a love for music and don’t let genres hold us back. We appreciate all kinds of music and want to make music that we love, and share it with the world.”

In 100 words or less, tell us how your band has gotten to this point. 
“We’re just trying to connect with other people and share our music. We never liked the whole ‘rock star attitude,’ especially since we’re just starting out. Making music doesn’t make you any different than anyone else in the world.”

What is your latest release and how would you best describe it to someone who hasn’t heard your band?
We have a single up on our ReverbNation page. We’re currently working on an EP that will be released in March. We have a ton of different elements in our music – everything from hardcore, to progressive metal, to post rock, and jazz. We love it all and try to incorporate it the best we can. The EP will definitely be a bit darker.”

When making an album, which aspect of the process do you put the most time into and why?
“Definitely songwriting. Jonah and I have never really been big on traditional song structure. I think that’s where our progressive side shows most. We like to change it up a bit and keep things interesting. “Verse/chorus” songs tend to get boring, at least the ones that I’ve written. Production is also huge. A record should be made in a way that it shows who you are as a band in the best way possible. We also don’t want something that’s over produced to the point where it doesn’t sound like us. I’ve always been a fan of good quality, raw recordings.”

What is the best part about your band and why?
“Probably how much we love meeting and getting to know people. I’ve always loved getting to see things from other people’s point of view. There are so many interesting and amazing people in the world, and all you ever hear about are the bad things that happen. It’s really sad, honestly. There are never enough stories of awesome people doing things to better the world.”

What makes your band unique from the rest?
“We try to be as honest and real as possible. There are so many new bands trying to copy other bands that are bigger than them. We’ve never liked the idea of dressing a certain way or making a certain type of music just because that’s what sells. It’s unavoidable that you won’t make money in music unless you’re bigger. Especially when you’re just starting. Our EP is going to be free. We don’t expect anything out of it either. We just want to show people that this is what we love doing and hopefully, we’ll be doing it for a long time.”

How does your band survive the challenges of touring/gigging?
“We have yet to tour. We’ll be searching for a drummer as soon as the EP is out. I have friends who have toured and I’ve heard people talk about. It’s going to suck being away from home and the people we love. At the end of the day, it’ll be worth it in our minds because that 20 minutes in a crowded room playing music that we put so much into…and getting to meet so many people, will make it worthwhile.”

Would you rather be critically-acclaimed; rich and famous; or an under-the-radar band with a dedicated fan base?
“Under the radar. I never want to be someone that people go crazy over. Yes, we want a dedicated fan base. But, we never want anyone to ever see us as more than just average people who happen to have a passion for music.”

If you’d have to compare your band to another one out there, living or dead, who would it be and why?
“I feel weird comparing myself to another band. We sound nothing alike, but I would have to choose Beartooth. It’s really hard to describe how Beartooth sounds. Plus they are all awesome and down to earth dudes just making music for themselves and to meet people.”

Which band/musician would you like to share many drinks with? What would you talk about?
“Well, none of us are even old enough to drink, ha ha! But, I would choose Marc Okubo (Veil of Maya). The way he writes is awesome. How he structures his songs definitely influences us. He seems like such an awesome dude, we’d probably end up talking about gear all night.”

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