Getting to Know: The Hipster Crap-Hating, Aaron Allen


In today’s Getting to Know, we meet Aaron Allen and the Small City Saints, a ‘cowpunk’ band that rallies against modern “hipster crap.” If you are an indie artist or in an indie band that would like to partake in a Getting to Know feature, contact [email protected] to receive the questionnaire and instructions. Thanks!

aaron-allenBand Name: Aaron Allen and the Small City Saints
Band Members: Myles Allen (drums), Kenny Archer (lead guitar), Aaron Barry (bass), Mack Edwards (rhythm guitar), Aimee Allen (vocals), and Aaron Allen (acoustic guitar and vocals)
Years Active: 10+
City of Origin: London, ON.
Latest Release: Better Days

Who are you and what do you do?
“I’m Aaron Allen and I am the frontman for Aaron Allen and the Small City Saints. We are an alt-country band that plays honest music from the heart. We have deep roots in country, folk, rock and punk. Really we just play whatever we want.”

In 20 words or less, how would you describe your band?
“I don’t mind the term “cowpunk.” We don’t quite fit into country, but for some reason punk crowds dig us.”

Why should people care about your band?
“I feel there is a lot of meaningless, pretentious hipster crap coming out of Canada right now and I can’t stand it. Everyone one has Montreal syndrome. The stuff we are doing is timeless. It will be relevant for years to come, not because we write the best songs, but because we have never tried to sound like everything else that is going on at the time. It’s just straight up honest music.”

What is the most hilarious, frightening, or weird thing you have seen from the stage or while on the road?
“We played Toronto one time and a guy at the show heckled us or something, so my drummer told him off. Well, that was the wrong thing to do because he was huge and pissed. He ended up leaving then returned about a half hour later with a friend. He wanted to stab my drummer. I thought we were all getting stabbed! It was nuts. They kicked him out again and we went home. Good ole Toronto.”

If you become a band that eventually fills stadiums or arenas, what would be the most ridiculous thing you’d require backstage?
“I could get all Jack White on you. But truthfully, I’ve had riders and could careless. If you ask for ridiculous stuff, well, you are probably an asshole.”

Which band could your band defeat in a street fight? What methods would you use to ensure victory?
“Hanson. Not the hockey bros band – they would kick our asses…the other ones. I want to fight them for writing such an infectious song (‘MMMBop’) that I could not get out of my head even though I hated it. That’s hard to do. Seems like pulling hair would be the way to go with those guys.”

What is the most pretentious thing you’ve seen or heard from another musician/band? Did you love it or hate it?
“I always hate pretentious musicians. I hate guys who sing with an English accent but are in no way English – gross. Also, I guess I’ll ride the Kanye train to. That guy is a class ‘A’ dick.”

How do you feel about smartphones lighting up concert venues instead of lighters?
It’s cool to see. Not everyone smokes, but everyone has a phone. Just stop texting during the show.”

If you had to be a tribute act for just one band, who would it be and why?
“I would love to cover Alkaline Trio, 100%. I’m a huge fan and they are way underrated. I guess after this Blink-182 thing, they won’t be so under the radar anymore.”

Is it better to burnout than to fade away?
“I’d say fade away. There is nothing wrong with fading away, it actually sounds peaceful. Burning out seems like a negative way to go.”

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