Getting to Know: Yoda-Slaying Rockers, One-Click Waiting


In today’s Getting to Know, we meet One-Click Waiting, a New York rock quartet that slayed Yoda at one of their gigs. If you are in an up and coming band that would like to partake in a Getting to Know feature, contact to receive the questionnaire and instructions. Thanks!

Band Name: One-Click Waiting
Band Members: Max McGill (vocals, rhythm guitar), Paul Vallejo (bass), Luke Ferris (lead guitar), and Cody Omage (drums).
Years Active: 2 Yearsone-click-waiting
City of Origin: Greenlawn, NY
Latest Release: Bring Back Yesterday (EP)

Who are you and what do you do?
“I’m Max, I make noises with my mouth and play the guitar in One-Click Waiting.”

In 20 words or less, how would you describe your band?
“We’re pretty weird. We’re hard rock/metal/pop rock. We just play what we think sounds cool.”

Why should people care about your band?
“I think people should care about us, because we care about our music. We aren’t playing music just to sound like everyone else. We enjoy playing music that sounds like no one else, just 1CW.”

What is the most hilarious, frightening, or weird thing you have seen from the stage or while on the road?
“One time we were headlining a show, and for some reason, (I do not know why) there was some girl dressed up as Yoda from Star Wars. She actually passed out at the show. Luckily she was okay, she just fainted. But it’s cool to say you saw Yoda ‘die’’ at one of your gigs.”

If you become a band that eventually fills stadiums or arenas, what would be the most ridiculous thing you’d require backstage?
“I would probably require a king size bed. Why have fun after your set when you can sleep?”

Which band could your band defeat in a street fight? What methods would you use to ensure victory?
“We could definitely defeat Mayday Parade. We love them, but they’re too nice. What methods? We’d somehow contact the infamous lady that Derek Sanders keeps writing about, and bring her to battle with us.”

What is the most pretentious thing you’ve seen or heard from another musician/band? Did you love it or hate it?
“The most pretentious thing I’ve heard from another musician, was that he was a musical genius. No, not Kanye. The best part was his amp broke before the set and he leans over to us and says, ‘don’t worry guys. I always fix this stuff. I just get it, you know?’ Then he got on stage, and the amp blew out, and he had to plug his bass into a PA. Which sounded pretty terrible. Music is about music…the ego can’t get in the way.”

How do you feel about smartphones lighting up concert venues instead of lighters?
“Smartphones are only cool because it means underage kids don’t walk around with lighters all the time. Lighters are cool because they really bring it back to the traditional ballad crowd response. I personally don’t like when people film the concerts on their phones. Why watch the show behind a 4-inch screen when you can watch what’s right in front of you?”

If you had to be a tribute act for just one band, who would it be and why?
“I would love to be in a Queen tribute band. I could never come close to singing like Freddie, but I’d love to drum or play guitar. That’d be a good time.”

Is it better to burnout than to fade away? Please explain your answer.
“It’s definitely better to burnout. You only get one chance to live your life, and if you sit back and watch it go by, you’ll miss it and you’ll regret every second that you did nothing. Life isn’t worth living if you’re not happy and living your dream. What I’m saying is I’m pretty sure Indiana Jones wouldn’t have any regrets.”

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