Jack White to Appear on Season Finale of “The Muppets”


Rock n’ roller Jack White decided many months ago that he was taking an indefinite break from touring, thus leaving many to wonder what kind of appearances the Third Man Records boss would be making moving forward. Well, we now know of at least one appearance: as a special guest star on The Muppets.

Reads a statement on the Third Man Records website: “Jack White has some important business to tend to with his friend Kermit involving matters of the heart. Tune into The Muppets season finale next Tuesday, March 1st and see if his efforts pay off!”

As you’ll see in the photo below, White is wielding a guitar in a photo with The Muppets cast, leading Riffyou.com to wonder: what song(s) will White perform? Perhaps a little “Fell in Love with a Girl”? How about some “Love Interuption?” Better yet, maybe “I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself”?

We think any and all are a possibility and can’t wait to see if we’re right!

Earlier in this season of The Muppets, Dave Grohl got in a drum battle with Animal.