Jack White Becomes Member of Nashville’s Gender Equity Council



While some musicians spout off about social and political issues from the stage or through their social media feeds, not all actually step up and attempt to actually make a difference. Jack White, however, is a rocker and a man interested in working toward solutions, instead of just babbling blindly about the potential of them.

Today in Nashville, White was appointed to Mayor Megan Barry’s Gender Equity Council. White will serve alongside 44 other local members on the council.

According to The Tennessean, the council will be responsible for “providing the mayor with ‘data-informed recommendations and advice’ to address systemic differences in benefits and opportunities that might be unfairly provided to one gender but not another.”

During his time at the announcement, White commented: “A society can prosper with incredible success when gender is not blocking progress, and is fair to all members of that society.”

In a separate statement, White spoke of his joy about joining such a council: “I’m very inspired to work with Mayor Barry and the Council on Gender Equity to help inspire local Nashville businesses to adopt progressive measures to ensure the fair treatment of all people in our society.”