Jack White: “People can’t clap anymore”


We are less than a month away from the release of Jack White’s sophomore solo album, Lazaretto, which means its media promo time for jack-white-2014-smallone of rock n’ roll’s most prominent figures.

Today, Rolling Stone revealed some very interesting snippet’s from their forthcoming cover story on White, including the trouble he has with modern day audiences.

“People can’t clap anymore, because they’ve got a fucking texting thing in their fucking hand, and probably a drink, too!” White tells RS. “Some musicians don’t care about this stuff, but I let the crowd tell me what to do. There’s no set list. I’m not just saying the same things I said in Cleveland last night. If they can’t give me that energy back? Maybe I’m wasting my time.”

White also discussed his appreciation for Kanye West’s Yeezus tour, saying that the show he caught was quite possibly the greatest and most punk rock, in-your-face gig that he’s ever seen. He also notes that there was a brief discussion about White contributing on Yeezus and being “bummed” that West didn’t come back to him about it.

Thus far, 2014 has already been a big year for White. He dominated Record Store Day 2014 by putting out the “World’s Fastest Record” and was able to get Neil Young to perform in a Voice-o-Graph machine on The Tonight Show. We can’t wait for Lazaretto!

-Adam Grant

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