Kirk Hammett of Metallica Becomes a Zombie Toy Again


First Kirk Hammett fought past the negativity to annihilate the fickle Glastonbury crowd with his boys in Metallica. Now he is once again metallica-kirk-hammett-zombiebeing immortalized in the form of a zombie action figure.

The toy (ahem, adult collectable), is being produced by Famous Zombies Jr. and has transformed the likeness of the guitar legend into a greened, white-eyed, walking-dead-esque character named Kirk Von Hammett. Only 300 figures will be produced, and Hammett will be on-hand at the Nuclear Blast Records/Stern Pinball/JSR merch booth at Comic-Con in San Diego from July 25-26 to promote the launch.

“Being a fan of comics and movies since I was a kid, it’s just a huge honor to be at Comic-Con on both sides, selling and buying,” explains Hammett in a statement.

This is not Hammett’s first foray into the horror paraphernalia business, as he is currently the boss of Kirk Von Hammett Toys, and already has a number of products of this sort on the market.

Even still, how cool does this one look?

-Adam Grant

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