Riff Pics: Everyone Else We Saw @ TURF


With 44 bands stretched across three stages, over three days at the Toronto Urban Roots Festival (TURF), it’s hard to see everyone, but we here at Riffyou.com did our damndest. In our final pictorial of the event, here is who else caught our eyes and made our ears happy:

comp-the-weeks-1-turfThe Weeks

comp-the-weeks-2-turfThe Weeks

comp-andrew-bird-turf-2Andrew Bird & the Hands of Glory

comp-andrew-bird-turf-1Andrew Bird & the Hands of Glory

comp-deer-tick-1Deer Tick

comp-deer-tick-2Deer Tick

comp-andrew-jackson-jihad-turf-2Andrew Jackson Jihad

comp-andrew-jackson-jihad-turf-1Andrew Jackson Jihad

comp-devin-cuddy-turf-2The Devin Cuddy Band

comp-devin-cuddy-turf-1The Devin Cuddy Band

comp-old-man-markley-turf-2Old Man Markley

comp-old-man-markley-turf-1Old Man Markley

comp-noah-gunderson-turf-1Noah Gundersen

comp-noah-gunderson-turf-2Noah Gundersen

comp-man-man-turf-1Man Man

comp-man-man-turf-2Man Man

Photos by: Adam Grant and Jessie Sipione

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