Listen to “DVP,” the New Song from PUP



Even though it is hard to get bored by PUP’s outstanding 2014 debut S/T  album, let’s be honest – we all want some new shit. Well, we finally have it in the form of “DVP,” a new track that we assume will appear on the Toronto rock quartet’s forthcoming sophomore album.

It is still unclear as to when exactly the new PUP album will emerge, but we have to suspect that it’ll be out before 2016 concludes.

“It’s going to be heavier than the last one,” said Babcock of the next during an interview with “What we’re trying to do is make it simultaneously weirder and more accessible…that seems rather opposite of each other, but I think it’s an interesting goal to approach the record with.”

Below, you can give “DVP” a taste. In case this song sounds familiar to you, it’s because PUP has been including it in their set since 2014.