Listen! The Dead Weather Debut New Track, “Be Still”


Tomorrow, the world will be given The Dead Weather‘s first album since 2010, Dodge & Burn. One day before we get there, however, the band has dolled out a black-and-white performance clip of new track, “Be Still.”

Here Alison Mosshart shares vocal duties with Jack White, as the crushing instrumental work pounds you in the face with the grit and intensity you’d expect from The Dead Weather.

“The cool thing about this record for me is we went into it knowing that we weren’t going to do a normal promotional cycle for a record — touring it, the normal thing that people do when they release records,” explained guitarist Dean Fertita in a recent interview with SPIN. “It was more of us just wanting to get together and play again because we hadn’t done it in four years. It was more about us staying close and continuing to make music.”

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