Marshall Introduces a Small, Yet Wicked Travel Speaker



At this week’s IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, audio company Marshall introduced The Stockwell, a portable speaker that weighs just 2.65lbs and looks like a miniature version of the Marshall amplifiers you see on stage with your favourite bands.

The Stockwell features a pair of 2.25″ woofers and two-channel Class D amplifiers. On the top of this Marshall speaker are retractable analogue control knobs designed to control the system’s volume, bass and treble. It also has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, meaning you can connect your phone to The Stockwell for music playback or a call. If being connected by a cable is more your speed, a 3.5mm cable port is also onboard.

Other handy elements include a USB port that can act as a charging station, plus built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that give The Stockwell upwards of 25 hours of power on a single charge.

The Stockwell will be available just ahead of the holidays for $229 on its own, or $259 if you opt for the multi-functional flip cover.

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