NOFX Embarking Upon Backstage Passport 2 Tour in December


NOFX will be giving fans in Mexico and South America an early Christmas present this December by embarking upon the Backstage Passport 2 tour.

The tour begins on December 3 in Mexico City, before closing out on December 15 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. You can view the full schedule below.

Recently, NOFX’s “Fat Mike” Burkett explained to CBC Radio why punk rock is the best kind of music.

“Because it is…it’s clear. It’s more melodic; it has better lyrics, played by cooler people. You can see a band and they’re standing three feet in front of you. And, people aren’t ‘rock stars’ like in other bands. Everything about punk rock is better than any other kind of music.”

He continued: “Metal, yeah, it sounds heavy, but we snuck into Slayer’s backstage and [guitarist] Kerry King comes back and starts yelling at us because we took their potato chips. Like, ‘What is wrong with you? So we stole some Slayer snacks. Why are you yelling at us?’ You don’t get that with punk bands,” he added. “It was so nice when punk rock got popular because when I was a kid, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t popular. ‘What is wrong with you people? Why are you listening to Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark when you could be listening to Social Distortion?”