Pearl Jam Get Custom Made Baseball Bats – Thanks to Jack White?


Those who love rock n’ roll should love the fact that Eddie Vedder and Jack White are buddies. Recently, Vedder and his Pearl Jam cohorts recorded a live show at White’s Third Man Records headquarters in Nashville, while in the past the pair of frontmen have attended at least one baseball game together. Hell, they may even go fishing together or play frisbee at the park. Anything’s possible.

Anyways, the connection between White and Vedder continues to grow with the discovery that the members of Pearl Jam have had custom made baseball bats created for them by Warstic, a baseball bat design and manufacturing company in which White has an ownership stake in.

On Instagram today, Warstic shared a pair of images – one of just Vedder’s bat and one featuring all Pearl Jam members’ bats. Yes, it’s kind of nerdy to have your name carved into a bat if you’re not a player, but damn, we’d be willing to bet you wouldn’t turn one down if offered to you.


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